The Modern Story-Teller Or the Best Stories of the Best Authors Now First Collected
Fugitive Pieces on Various Subjects Crito by Sir Harry Beaumont a Particular Account of the Emperor of Chinas Gardens by Sir Harry Beaumont Deformity by William Hay Lucina Sine Concubita by Abraham Johnson a Modest Defense of Gaming the Pretty
Catharine Coles Book
The Unity of the Organism Or the Organismal Conception of Life
Faith-Healing Christian Science and Kindred Phenomena
Tour in England Ireland and France in the Years 1828 and 1829 by a German Prince Volume 2
Exercises in Elocution Selected from Various Authors and Arranged Under Proper Heads Intended as a Sequel to a Work Entitled the Speaker
Clarets and Sauternes Classed Growth of the Medoc and Other Famous Red and White Wines of the Gironde
Virgin Saints and Martyrs
Essays on German Literature
The Worlds Furniture A Novel Volume 2
Mrs Rorers Vegetable Cookery and Meat Substitutes
The Crime of Christendom
Loch Etive and the Sons of Uisnach With Illustrations
Catalogue of the Birds of Suffolk with an Introduction and Remarks on Their Distribution
The Poetic Mind
Makers of Arkansas History
The Entomologists Record and Journal of Variation Volume 1925 Volume 37
The History of Ireland Volume Volume 2
Trust Finance a Study of the Genesis Organization and Management of Industrial Combinations
A General Geometry and Calculus Including Book I of the General Geometry Treating of Loci in a Plane And an Elementary Course in the Differential and Integral Calculus
The Massachusetts System of Common Schools Being an Enlarged and REV Ed of the Tenth Annual Report of the First Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education
The Craftsman Volume 14
Aretas A Novel In 4 Vol Volume 1
Oh! to Be in England
Epoch Men and the Results of Their Lives
Stories from Scottish History
The Young Mill-Wright and Millers Guide In Five Parts
History of Sacerdotal Celibacy in the Christian Church Volume 2
Honori de Balzac
One Thousand Homeless Men A Study of Original Records
Madagascar Or Robert Drurys Journal During Fifteen Years Captivity on That Island and a Further Description of Madagascar by the Abbi Alexis Rochon
Miss Triumerei A Weimar Idyl
The Cloister Life of the Emperor Charles the Fifth
Manual of Diseases of the Skin from the French of MM Cazenave and Schedel with Notes by TH Burgess
Brichanteau Actor
Through Canada in Harvest Time A Study of Life and Labour in the Golden West
Von Der Weltseele Eine Hypothese Der Hiheren Physik Zur Erklirung Des Allgemeinen Organismus
An ithiopian History Written in Greek by Heliodorus
The Attachi Or Sam Slick in England
The Works of Thiophile Gautier Volume 14
Elements of Government With History and Government of Oklahoma
The Life and Letters of Madame ilisabeth de France Followed by the Journal of the Temple by Cliry and the Narrative of Marie Thirise de France Duchesse DAngoulime
Ancient Critical Essays Upon English Poets and Poisy Volume 2
From Coruia to Sevastopol The History of C Battery Late c Battery a Brigade Formerly c Troop Royal Horse Artillery with Succession of Officers from Its Formation to the Present Time
A History of the Weald of Kent With an Outline of the Early History of the County Volume 2 Part 1
Travels in Tunisia With a Glossary a Map a Bibliography and Fifty Illustrations
Nugi Antiqui Being a Miscellaneous Collection of Original Papers in Prose and Verse Written in the Reigns of Henry VIII Queen Mary Elizabeth King James c Volume 3
Memoirs of Mlle Des icherolles Being Sidelights on the Reign of Terror
The Metaphysic of Ethics
The Anthracite Coal Industry A Study of the Economic Conditions and Relations of the Co-Operative Forces in the Development of the Anthracite Coal Industry of Pennsylvania
Mechanical Processes A Practical Treatise on Workshop Appliances and Operations for the Instruction of Midshipmen at the US Naval Academy
The Wealth of Nature Our Food Supplies from the Vegetable Kingdom
Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of California Part 1
The Book of the Heart Or Plain Meditations on Various Religious Subjects
The Diagnosis of the German Obsession
Mesopotamia and Assyria From the Earliest Ages to the Present Time With Illustrations of Their Natural History
The Lost Jewel by ALOE
Percy Blake
Richard Savage A Romance of Real Life
Confessions of a School Master
The Luck of Denewood
The Poetical Works of Dante Gabriel Rosseti
Ernest Renan In Memoriam
Memoir of James Petigru Boyce DD LLD Late President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louiseville KY
The Land Revenue of Bombay A History of Its Administration Rise and Progress Volume 1
A Selection of Eulogies Pronounced in the Several States in Honor of Those Illustrious Patriots and Statesmen John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
The Midlanders
Chemistry of Dye-Stuffs
The Entomologists Record and Journal of Variation Volume 1
Rational Geometry A Text-Book for the Science of Space Based on Hilberts Foundations
The Complete Works of John Davies of Hereford (15 -1618) For the First Time Collected and Edited With Memorial Introduction Notes and Illustrations Glossarial Index and Portrait and Facsimile c Volume 2
Flora of Lancaster County Being Descriptions of the Seed-Plants Growing Naturally in Lancaster County Pennsylvania
Schoenheit Des Weiblichen Koerpers Die Den Muttern AErzten Und Kunstlern Gewidmet
History Geography and Statistics of British North America
All in the Dark
The Refutation of All Heresies
From Cadet to Colonel The Record of a Life of Active Service Volume 1
A Grammar of the Hindoostanee Language or Part Third of Volume First of a System of Hindoostanee Philology
An Outline of the Theory of Organic Evolution With a Description of Some of the Phenomena Which It Explains
Examples of Life and Death
Letters to Leipzig Friends
The English Bowman Or Tracts on Archery To Which Is Added the Second Part of the Bowmans Glory
The Veterinary Science The Anatomy Diseases and Treatment of Domestic Animals Also Containing a Full Description of Medicines and Receipts
The Foundations of Personality
The Historical Magazine and Notes and Queries Concerning the Antiquities History and Biography of America Volume 14
Great Issues
Small-Boat Sailing An Explanation of the Management of Small Yachts Half-Decked and Open Sailing-Boats of Various Rigs Sailing on Sea and on River Cruising Etc
History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages Volume 7 Part 1
The Eurypterida of New York Text
The Mentality of the Criminal Woman
A Course of Mathematics Containing the Principles of Plane Trigonometry Mensuration Navigation and Surveying
The Animals Defender and Zoophilist Volume 11
Historia Critica de la Literatura Espaiola Vol 5
Archiv Des Vereins Der Freunde Der Naturgeschichte in Mecklenburg 1896 Vol 50 Jubilaumsband
Joan of the Tower
A Treatise of Marriage and Divorce With the Practice and Procedure in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes The Acts Rules and Regulations Forms of Pleadings and Table of Fees
Life and Art of Edwin Booth
A Treatise on Arithmetic Combining Analysis and Synthesis Adapted to the Best Mode of Instruction in Common Schools and Academies
President Wilsons Addresses English Readings for Schools
Sermons Sermons
A Therapeutic Guide to Alkaloidal-Dosimetric-Medication
German Epics Retold With Notes German Questions and Vocabulary
Letters and Papers on Agriculture Planting c Selected from the Correspondence of the Bath and West of England Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture Arts Manufactures and Commerce Volume 1
Memorials of William Charles Lake
Her Majestys Mails A History of the Post-Office and an Industrial Account of Its Present Condition
The Writings of William Paterson Founder of the Bank of England Volume 2
The Israel of God
The History of Bimetallism in the United States
Essays on Some of the Modern Guides of English Thought in Matters of Faith
Humphry Davy Poet and Philosopher Century Science Series
Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor Part 2
A Selection from the Writings of Viscount Strangford on Political Geographical and Social Subjects Ed by the Viscountess Strangford A Selection from the Writings of Viscount Strangford on Political Geographical and Social Subjects Ed by the Viscountess Strangford
Lehrbuch Der Psychologie ALS Naturwissenschaft
Annual Reports Volume 4
Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain
On Granular Degeneration of the Kidnies and Its Connection with Dropsy Inflammations and Other Diseases
Lanzis History of Painting in Upper and Lower Italy Tr and Abridged by G W D Evans Volume 1
Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey Volume 3
Forests and Forestry in Poland Lithuania the Ukraine and the Baltic Provinces of Russia With Notices of the Export of Timber from Memel Dantzig and Riga
Sheriff-Law Or a Practical Treatise on the Office of Sheriff Undersheriff Bailiffs Etc Their Duties at the Election of Members of Parliament and Coroners Assizes and Sessions of the Peace Writs of Trial Writs of Inquiry Compensation Notices
The Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
History of the African Mission of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States With Memoirs of Deceased Missionaries and Notices of Native Customs
Daybreak in Turkey
Memoirs of Louis XIV and the Regency Volume 2
Stories from Thousand and One Nights (the Arabian Nights Entertainments)
The Works of Richard Hurd Lord Bishop of Worcester Volume 3
The Kidnapping of President Lincoln And Other War Detective Stories
Expository Thoughts on the Gospels with the Text Complete
The Cure of Souls Lyman Beecher Lectures on Preaching at Yale University 1896
Dubbs Arithmetical Problems To Supplement Rays New Practical Arithmetic
Sketches of German Life and Scenes from the War of Liberation in Germany Part 1
A London Life The Patagonia the Liar Mrs Temperly
Cassells Picturesque Australasia Volume 2
The Life of the Rev John Wesley A M with Memoirs of the Wesley Family To Which Are Subjoined Dr Whiteheads Funeral Sermon And a Comprehensive History of American Methodism
Practical Dietetics With Reference to Diet in Disease
The Mameluke Or Slave Dynasty of Egypt 1260-1517 A D
Coins Medals and Seals Ancient and Modern Illustrated and Described with a Sketch of the History of Coins and Coinage Instructions for Young Collectors Tables of Comparative Rarity Price Lists of English and American Coins Medals and Tokens c
New Edition of the Babylonian Talmud Volume 11 Part 2 - Volume 12 Part 2
Alexandrian and Carthaginian Theology Contrasted
The Old Dance Master
New Curiosities of Literature And Book of the Months Volume 1
Lectures on the Origin and Growth of the Conception of God as Illustrated by Anthropology and History
The School of Mines Quarterly Volume 12
The Elements of Economics Volume 1
A Japanese Marriage
Winterslow Essays and Characters Written There by W Hazlitt Collected by His Son
Fern Leaves from Fannys Portfolio
Physiological Memoirs
Sketches of the History of Christian Art Volume 1
On Horseback Through Asia Minor Volume 2
The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce Tangential Views
Under Fire The Story of a Squad
Race or Mongrel A Brief History of the Rise and Fall of the Ancient Races of Earth A Theory That the Fall of Nations Is Due to Intermarriage with Alien Stocks A Demonstration That a Nations Strength Is Due to Racial Purity A Prophecy That America Wil
Antiqua Mater A Study of Christian Origins
The Poughkeepsie Casket Volume 2
Naval Sketch-Book Or the Service Afloat and Ashore with Characteristic Reminiscences Fragments and Opinions
Paul the Apostle of Jesus Christ His Life and Work His Epistles and His Doctrine a Contribution to the Critical History of Primitive Christianity Volume 1
An Introduction to the Scientific Study of English Poetry Being Prolegomena to a Science of English Prosody
Travels in Africa Performed by Silvester Mainrad Xavier Golberry in the Western Parts of That Vast Continent Containing Various Important Discoveries with a Particular Account of the Internal Government Both Civil and Military of the Various King
By Proxy Volume 1
Grove Chapel Tracts 33 Tracts Original and Selected
On the Study of Words Lectures Addressed (Originally) to the Pupils at the Diocesan Training School Winchester
The Odyssey of Homer
Khartoum and the Blue and White Niles Volume 2
An Analysis of the Titles to Land Consolidation (Scotland) ACT 1868 31 and 32 Victoria Cap CI with an Appendix
Social Silhouettes
Lessons in English Book 3
Ancient and Modern Ships Volume 2
The Land of the Pigmies
Robert Fulton Engineer and Artist His Life and Works
The Correspondence of Horace Walpole Earl of Orford and William Mason Now First Published from the Original Mss
History of America
Exercising in Bed The Simplest and Most Effective System of Exercise Ever Devised
The Habermeister A Tale of the Bavarian Mountains
A Collection of Popular Tales from the Norse and North German
The Religion of Nature Delineated
Laws Resolutions and Memorials of the State of Montana Passed at the 2d-36th Session
A New System of Husbandry From Experiments Never Before Made Public with Tables Shewing the Expense and Profit of Each Crop
The Human Boy Again
Trail and Camp-Fire The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club
Regeneration A Reply to Max Nordau
A Texas Pioneer Early Staging and Overland Freighting Days on the Frontiers of Texas and Mexico
Introduction to the Study of Organic Chemistry
Meteorology Weather and Methods of Forecasting Description of Meteorological Instruments and River Flood Predictions in the United States
The Secret Citadel
Annual Report of the Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture Part 2
Sparks from a Geologists Hammer
Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving A Treatise Containing Practical Instructions in Cooking in the Combination and Serving of Dishes and in the Fashionable Modes of Entertaining at Breakfast Lunch and Dinner
No Fiction A Narrative Founded on Recent and Interesting Facts Volume 1
The History of England from the Accession of James the Second
Arts of the World Comparative Art Studies
The Chinese Classics Life and Teachings of Confucius
Transactions - The Jewish Historical Society of England Volume 5
The Science of Rhetoric An Introduction to the Laws of Effecive Discourse
Some Revelations in Irish History Or Old Elements of Creed and Class Conciliation in Ireland
An Exposition of the State of the Medical Profession in the British Dominions And of the Injurious Effects of the Monopoly by Usurpation of the Royal College of Physicians in London
The Ballade
Charles Stewart Parnell His Love Story and Political Life Volume 2
Report on the Land Revenue Settlement of the Muzaffargarh District of the Punjab 1873-80
The Works of Richard Hurd Lord Bishop of Worcester Volume 6
Montenegro Its People and Their History
Russian Life in Town and Country
The Most Material Parts of Blackstones Commentaries Reduced to Questions and Answers
Ireland and Its Economy Being the Result of Observations Made in a Tour Through the Country in the Autumn of 1829
Reminiscences of Amherst College Historical Scientific Biographical and Autobiographical Also of Other and Wider Life Experiences
Criticisms on the Bar Including Strictures on the Principal Counsel Practising in the Courts of Kings Bench Common Pleas Chancery and Exchequer
The Correspondence of Leigh Hunt Volume 1
Manual of Military Aviation
The Merchants Magazine and Commercial Review Volume 50
Workingmens Insurance
A Gentleman of France Being the Memoirs of Gaston de Bonne Sieur de Marsac Volume 2
Undine and Other Tales
Ocean to Ocean Sandford Flemings Expedition Through Canada in 1872
The Coldstreams and the Musqueteers
The Great Lakes The Vessels That Plough Them Their Owners Their Sailors and Their Cargoes Together with a Brief History of Our Inland Seas
The Owl and the Nightingale
Iconografia Dantesca The Pictorial Representation to Dantes Divine Comedy
Memoirs Journal and Correspondence of Thomas Moore
Salt of the Earth
Stabilizing the Dollar A Plan to Stabilize the General Price Level Without Fixing Individual Prices
Social Ministry An Introduction to the Study and Practice of Social Service
The Master-Knot of Human Fate
An Historical Survey of the County of Cornwall Etc Compiled by the Printer (W Penaluna)
Donna Quixote
The Complete Works of Thomas Lodge 1580-1623 Now First Collected
Peers and Parvenus A Novel Volume 3
The Green Mouse
Notes on Brazilian Questions
Town Records of Topsfield Massachusetts 1659-1778
The Popular Rhymes of Scotland With Illustrations
Marys Every-Day Book of Useful and Miscellaneous Knowledge
The American Geologist Volume 15
Leaves from the Note-Books of Lady Dorothy Nevill
Handbook of Painting German Flemish and Dutch Schools
The Library Companion Or the Young Mans Guide and the Old Mans Comfort in the Choice of a Library
Old Wine in New Bottles For Old and New Friends
Dramatic Chapters Poems Songs
The Art of English Poetry Containing Volume 2
The Heavenly Home Or the Employments and Enjoyments of the Saints in Heaven
Religious Education and American Democracy
Letters from Flushing Containing an Account of the Expedition to Walcheren Beveland and the Mouth of the Scheldt Under the Command of the Earl of Chatham To Which Is Added a Topographical and Statistical Account of the Islands of Walcheren and Bevel
A Perambulation of the Antient and Royal Forest of Dartmoor and the Venville Precincts
Proceedings of the Municipal Engineers of the City of New York
On Some of the Mental Affections of Childhood and Youth
Also Perhaps
Word for Word from Horace
Wallaces Year Book of Trotting and Pacing in Volume 2
Essentials of Laboratory Diagnosis Designed for Students and Practitioners
An English Carmelite the Life of C Burton
The Centennial History of the American Bible Society The Centennial History of the American Bible Society Volume 2
History of Florida
An Essay Towards an Indian Bibliography a Catalogue of Books Relating to the American Indians in the Library of TW Field
Footsteps of Jeanne DArc A Pilgrimage
A Family Flight Through France Germany Norway and Switzerland
It Is Never Too Late to Mend A Matter-Of-Fact Romance
Judaism and Its History
Reports of Decisions of the Public Service Commission Second District of the State of New York Volume 7
A Library of Universal Literature In 4 Parts Comprising Science Biography Fiction and the Great Orations Pt3 Orations Volume 4
Bulletin Volume 5
Government Revenue Especially the American System An Argument for Industrial Freedom Against the Fallacies of Free Trade
Winged Wheels in France
The Coursing Calendar for the Spring Season 1868
Days with Industrials Adventures and Experiences Among Curious Industries
Life of Major General Zachary Taylor With Notices of the War in New Mexico California and in Southern Mexico
Anatomy of the Brain and Spinal Cord
An Elementary Treatise on Fouriers Series and Spherical Cylindrical and Ellipsoidal Harmonics With Applications to Problems in Mathematical Physics
Vixen by the Author of lady Audleys Secret
Fallacies of the Faculty in a Ser of Lectures
The Token and Atlantic Souvenir A Christmas and New Years Present
History of Art in Sardinia Judia Syria and Asia Minor Volume 2
St Paul Protestantism With an Essay on Puritanism the Church of England and Last Essays on Church Religion
Half Hours with a Naturalist Rambles Near the Shore
Tremaine Or the Man of Refinement Volume 2
A Mans Man
Plant Production
Tours in Upper India and in Parts of the Himalaya Mountains With Accounts of the Courts of the Native Princes c By Major Archer in Two Volumes Volume 2
The Exiles and Other Stories
Two Sides of the Face Midwinter Tales
Chantry House Volume 1
The Educative Process
A Story of the Golden Age
The Surgeons Log Being Impressions of the Far East
A Handbook for Farmers and Dairymen
The Industrial Evolution of the United States
Money A Study of the Theory of the Medium of Exchange
Once Aboard the Lugger--- The History of George and His Mary
Patronage Volume 2
Annual Report of the Trade and Commerce of Chicago Volume 42
Latter-Day Problems
The Canadian Iron and Steel Industry A Study in the Economic History of a Protected Industry
The Big Fight (Gallipoli to the Somme)
The Promotion of the Admiral And Other Sea Comedies
Outlines of Human Physiology
Travels of an Irish Gentleman in Search of a Religion by the Ed of captain Rocks Memoirs
Old Leaves Gathered from Household Words
The Spanish Novelists Don Juan Manuel Mendoza Mateo Aleman Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Forecasting Weather
Elementary Meteorology
The Works of Charles Paul de Kock with a General Introduction by Jules Claretie Volume 13
The Parson Pen and Pencil Or Reminiscences and Illustrations of an Excursion to Paris Tours and Rouen in the Summer of 1847 With a Few Memoranda on French Farming Volume 3
Uncle William The Man Who Was Shifless
Travels in Brazil in the Years 1817-1820 Undertaken by Command of His Majesty the King of Bavaria Volume 1
An Exact Survey of the Tide Explicating Its Production and Propagation Variety and Anomaly in All Parts of the World Especially Near the Coasts of Great Britain and Ireland with a Preliminary Treatise Concerning the Origin of Springs Generation of R
Bonduca A Tragedy Volume 33 Issue 1
The Materials and Manufacture of Portland Cement by Edwin C Eckel The Cement Resources of Alabama by Eugene A Smith
A Bridge of Glass Volume 2
The Auk Volume 4
My Fathers House Or the Heaven of the Bible
Sally a Study and Other Tales of the Outskirts
The Childrens Friend
Notes on the Book of the Prophet Isaiah With a New Translation
A Window in Thrums Auld Licht Idylls
Practical Wisdom Or the Manual of Life The Counsels of Eminent Men to Their Children Comprising Those of Sir Walter Raleigh Lord Burleigh Sir Henry Sidney Earl of Strafford Francis Osborn Sir Matthew Hale Earl of Bedford William Penn and Benja
Accounting and Business Practice for Use in All Schools Where Bookkeeping Is Taught
A Modern Mercenary
The Works of John Locke
Practical Text-Book of Plant Physiology
The Church and International Relations Japan Report of the Commission on Relations with Japan
Bond and Free Volume 3
Report of Progress of the Division of Hydrography for the Calendar Years 1893 [-1895] Issue 140
My Adventures in the Congo
The History of the Parish of Hailsham The Abbey of Otham and the Priory of Michlham
A Highland Parish
The Green Mirror A Quiet Story
The Celtic Monthly A Magazine for Highlanders Volume 7
Slavic Europe A Selected Bibliography in the Western European Languages Comprising History Languages and Literatures
The Waldenses Or the Fall of Rora A Lyrical Sketch with Other Poems
Select Ferns and Lycopods British and Exotic Comprising Descriptions of Nine Hundred and Fifty Choice Species and Varieties Accompanied by Directions for Their Management in the Tropical Temperate and Hardy Fernery
Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology Volume 26
Hide and Seek Volume 2
An Enumeration of the Plants Collected in Bolivia by Miguel Bang With Descriptions of New Genera and Species Volume 6
History of England from the Accession of James I to the Outbreak of the Civil War
The Steam Engine A Treatise on Steam Engines and Boilers Above 1300 Figures in the Text and a Series of Folding Plates Drawn to Scales Volume 3
A Manual of Corporate Organization Containing Information Directions and Suggestions Relating to the Corporation of Enterprises
The Bivouac and the Battlefield Or Campaign Sketches in Virginia and Maryland
A Course of Instruction in Zootomy (Vertebrata)
Love Insurance
Timars Two Worlds
The English Metropolis Or London in the Year 1820 Containing Satirical Strictures on Public Manners Morals and Amusements A Young Gentlemans Adventures And Characteristic Anecdotes of Several Eminent Individuals Who Now Figure in This Great Thea
Correspondence of James Fenimore-Cooper Volume 2
A Practical System of Book-Keeping By Single and Double Entry Containing Forms of Books and Practical Exercises Adapted to the Use of the Farmer Mechanic Merchant and Professional Man
The Sky Pilot A Tale of the Foothills
The Savage-Club Papers
The Friendship of Anne A Story
First Principles of Political Economy With Reference to Statesmanship and the Progress of Civilization
A Political History of Slavery Being an Account of the Slavery Controversy from the Earliest Agitations in the Eighteenth Century to the Close of the Reconstruction Period in America Volume 1
Principles and Practice of Advertising
The Biography of the Principal American Military and Naval Heroes Comprehending Details of Their Achievements During the Revolutionary and Late Wars Interspersed with Authentic Anecdotes Not Found in Any Other Work Volume 2
The Universal Library of Music Vocal
King Arthur and the Table Round Tales Chiefly After the Old French of Crestien of Troyes with an Account of Arthurian Romance and Notes Volume 1
William Penn the Founder of Pennsylvania
Commentary on the Science of Organization and Business Development
The Future Life As Described and Portrayed by Spirits
Hudson Bay
Economics and Politics A Series of Papers Upon Public Questions Written on Various Occasions from 1840 to 1885
Book of Prayer and Praise for Congregational Worship
Industrial Investment and Emigration Being a Treatise on Benefit Building Societies and on the General Principles of Associations for Land Investment and Colonization
School Economy A Treatise on the Preparation Organization Employments Government and Authorities of Schools
Organismic Theories of the State Nineteenth Century Interpretations of the State as Organism or as Person
The Cruise of the Jasper B
The Wager
Germany Its Universities Theology Adn Religion
Biennial Report Issue 9
Susan Drummond a Novel
Differential Calculus
Gaut Gurley Or the Trappers of Umbagog a Tale of Border Life
A Soldiers Secret A Story of the Sioux War of 1890 And an Army Portia Two Novels
The Fiddle Fanciers Guide A Manual of Information Regarding Violins Violas Basses and Bows of Classical and Modern Times Together with Biographical Notices and Portraits of the Most Famous Performers on These Instruments
The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection Or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life Volume 1
A Son of the Sun
The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer To Which Are Added an Essay on His Language and Versification and an Introductory Discourse Together with Notes and a Glossary Volume 3
Coal Washing
Georginas Sevice Stars
A Treatise on Producer-Gas and Gas-Producers
The Origins of the British Colonial System 1578-1660
Speeches and Writings of Wm H Wallace With Autobiography
Incidents in the Life of a Pastor
The Archaeological Journal Volume 28
Hygiene of Nerves and Mind in Health and Disease Science Series
Letters of Cortes The Five Letters of Relation from Fernando Cortes to the Emperor Charles V
An Introduction to Algebra Being the First Part of a Course of Mathematics Adapted to the Method of Instruction in the American Colleges
Hymns of the Centuries
Tales and Miscellaneous Piecces Tales and Miscellaneous Piecces
Better Days Or a Millionaire of To-Morrow Wright American Fiction V III 1876-1900 No1882 Reel F-13
The Home Book of Verse American and English 1580-1912 Volume 4 Pages 1253-1648 The Home Book of Verse American and English 1580-1912
The Grand Babylon Hotel A Fantasia on Modern Themes
Manual of Sacred History A Guide to the Understanding of the Divine Plan of Salvation According to Its Historical Development
A Synopsis of Practical Philosophy Alphabetically Arranged Containing a Great Variety of Theorems Formulae and Tables
Journal of the British Archaeological Association
A History and Description of Roman Political Institutions
Frail Children of the Air Excursions Into the World of Butterflies
The Life of Ali Pacha of Jannina Late Vizier of Epirus Surnamed Aslan or the Lion
Essay on Divorce and Divorce Legislation Wit Hspecial Reference to the United States
The Rise and Fall of the Emperor Maximilian a Narrative of the Mexican Empire 1861-7 with the Imperial Correspondence Tr by G H Venables
Plan of the Physiology
The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Edmund Spenser Complaints 1590-91 Essay on English Pastoral Poetry By E W Gosse Rider on the Same Who Were Rosalinde and Menaicas Notices of Edward Kirke By the Editor
New Zealand and Its Aborigines Being an Account of the Aborigines Trade and Resources of the Colony And the Advantages It Now Presents as a Field for Emigration and the Investment of Capital
A Report of Some Proceedings on the Commission of Oyer and Terminer and Goal Delivery for the Trial of the Rebels in the Year 1746 in the County of Surry
Ireland in 1872 A Tour of Observation with Remarks on Irish Public Questions
By Motor to the Firing Line An Artists Notes and Sketches with the Armies of Northern France June-July 1915
Finding List of the Books in Science Medicine Agriculture Technology Military and Naval Science
Sketch of the Geography Political Economy and Statistics of France From the Original Work
A Grand Duchess The Life of Anna Amalia Duchess of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach and the Classical Circle of Weimar
Letters Home
Design of Dynamos
The Story of an Untold Love
Narrative of the Life of Sir Walter Scott Bart
Tables for Calculating the Cubic Quantity of Earth Work in the Cuttings and Embankments of Canals Railways and Turnpike Roads
Slaves of Success
For Ever and Ever A Drama of Life
The Long Day The Story of a New York Working Girl as Told by Herself
Notes Critical and Explanatory on the Acts of the Apostles
Remains of the Late Reverend Richard Hurrell Froude Remains of the Late Reverend Richard Hurrell Froude Volume 2
Eccentricity Or a Check to Censoriousness With Chapters on Other Subjects
Songs of the Soldiers
One Hundred Surgical Problems The Experiences of Daily Practice Dissected and Explained Case History Series
Biography of the Early Church Volume 1
Last Letters from Egypt To Which Are Added Letters from the Cape
History of Alexander the Great His Personality and Deeds
New Mexico Its Resources Climate Geography
Vermont in the Great Rebellion
Guide to the Diseases of Infancy
Sunshine and Surf A Years Wanderings in the South Seas
The Rhetoric of Aristotle The Rhetoric of Aristotle Volume 3
Currents and Eddies in the English Romantic Generation
Teaching Literature in the Grammar Grades and High School Riverside Textbooks in Education
Annual Report Volumes 1-7
Early Graves a Book for the Bereaved
The Artists Way of Working in the Various Handicrafts and Arts of Design Volume 1
Working with the Hands Being a Sequel to Up from Slavery Covering the Authors Experiences in Industrial Training at Tuskegee
Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of Wisconsin for the Year Volume 15
The Justice of the King
Researches on Solar Heat and Its Absorption by the Earths Atmosphere A Report on the Mount Whitney Expedition
The New England Historical Genealogical Register Volumes 1053-1055 of American Periodical Series 1800-1850 Volume 19
Memoirs of General La Fayette Embracing Details of His Public and Private Life Sketches of the American Revolution He [!] French Revolution the Downfall of Bonaparte and the Restoration of the Bourbons with Biographical Notices of Individuals Who Ha
Catherine Sforza
Lives of Sir William Phips Israel Putnam Lucretia Maria Davidson and David Rittenhouse
Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln Volume 11
Rural Versus Urban Their Conflict and Its Causes A Study of the Conditions Affecting Their Natural and Artificial Relations
King Philips War Based on the Archives and Records of Massachusetts Plymouth Rhode Island and Connecticut and Contemporary Letters and Accounts with Biographical and Topographical Notes Grafton Historical Series
Sewage and the Bacterial Purification of Sewage
Biographical Sketches of the Signers of the Declaration of American Independence The Declaration Historically Considered And a Sketch of the Leading Events Connected with the Adoption of the Articles of Confederation and of the Federal Constitution
Advanced Lessons in English Grammar For Use in Higher Grammar Classes
Bacon vs Shakespeare A Brief for Plaintiff
The Bow in the Cloud Or the Negros Memorial A Collection of Original Contributions in Prose and Verse Illustrative of the Evils of Slavery and Commemorative of Its Abolition in the British Colonies
Alaskan Boundary Tribunal The Counter Case of the United States Before the Tribunal Convened at London Under the Provisions of the Treaty Between the United States of America and Great Britain Concluded January 24 1903 [with Appendix] Volume 1
The American Cruiser A Tale of the Last War
Celebrated Naval and Military Trials By Peter Burke
History of Dogma Volume 5
Salem Chapel
Christianity and Secularism Compared in Their Influence and Effects
Telephones Their Construction and Fitting A Practical Treatise on the Fitting-Up and Maintenance of Telephones and the Auxiliary Apparatus
A Collection of Essays and Tracts in Theology From Various Authors with Biographical and Critical Notices Volume 1 of a Collection of Essays and Tracts in Theology from Various Authors with Biographical and Critical Notices
The Old Engravers of England
Stories of Writers and Artists
A Great Peace Maker The Diary of James Gallatin Secretary to Albert Gallatin 1813-1827
The Navy as a Fighting Machine
The Mussulman Volume 2
An Essay on Education In Which Are Particularly Considered the Merits and Defects of the Discipline and Instruction in Our Academies Volume 2
Handbook of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Throat Nose and Naso-Pharynx
The Transition in Agriculture
Dental Formulary A Practical Guide for the Preparation of Chemical and Technical Compounds and Accessories Used in the Office and Laboratory by the Dental Practitioner with an Index to Oral Diseases and Their Treatment Including the Modern Methods of Lo
The Dodd Family Abroad Volume 1
The Justices Manual and Police Guide A Synopsis of Offences Punishable by Indictment and on Summary Conviction Definitions of Crimes Meanings of Legal Phrases Hints on Evidence Procedure Police Duties Etc
A Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland Westmorland and Lancashire
Education in the United States Its History from the Earliest Settlement
Schoolboy Days Or Ernest Bracebridge
The Workmans Manual of Engineering Drawing
Memoirs of the British Astronomical Association Reports of the Observing Sections Volumes 1-2
Under Sealed Orders
My Share of the World An Autobiography
Valentines Eve Volume 1
Parthenia Or the Last Days of Paganism
Handbook of Invertebrate Zoology For Laboratories and Seaside Work
A Chronological History of the Boston Watch and Police From 1631 to 1865 Together with the Recollections of a Boston Police Office Or Boston by Daylight and Gaslight from the Diary of an Officer Fifteen Years in the Service
Transportation Rates and Their Regulation A Study of the Transportation Costs of Commerce with Especial Reference to American Railroads
Treatise on English Punctuation
The Fredoniad Or Independence Preserved An Epick Poem on the Late War of 1812 Volume 3
The Chelsea Pensioners Volume 1
Dictionary of Shakespearian Quotations Exhibiting the Most Forcible Passages Illustrative of the Various Passions Affections and Emotions of the Human Mind Selected and Arranged in Alphabetic Order from the Writings of the Eminent Dramatic Poet
Robert Tournay
Songs and Miscellaneous Poems
Number Nip Or the Spirit of the Giant Mountains
Damens Ghost
Antisemitism Its History and Causes
Peoples Banks A Record of Social and Economic Success
Wealth and Progress A Critical Examination of the Wages Question
Report of the Auditor General on the Finances of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
The Federalist System 1789-1801
The Canadian Entomologist Volume 33
The Moon Prince and Other Nabobs
To the Bitter End by the Author of lady Audleys Secret
The Three Perils of Woman Or Love Leasing and Jealousy A Series of Domestic Scottish Tales Volume 992
A Backward Glance at Eighty Recollections Comment Massachusetts 1841 Humboldt Bay 1855 San Francisco 1864
A System of Natural Philosophy In Which the Principles of Mechanics Hydrostatics Hydraulics Pneumatics Acoustics Optics Astronomy Electricity Magnetism Steam Engine and Electro-Magnetism Are Familiarly Explained and Illustrated by More Than T
The Weather and Climate of Chicago
The Heptameron Or Tales and Novels of Marguerite Queen of Navarre Now First Completely Done Into English Prose and Verse from the Original French by Arthur Machen Privately Printed 1886
The Memoirs of the Duke of Saint-Simon On the Reign of Louis XIV and the Regency
Lessons in Elementary Physiology
Merry Songs and Ballads Prior to the Year 1800
A Grammar of the Italian Language
Art Out-Of-Doors Hints on Good Taste in Gardening
Memoirs of Scipio de Ricci Late Bishop of Pistoia and Prato Reformer of Catholicism in Tuscany Under the Reign of Leopold Volume 2
The Sampo A Wonder Tale of the Old North
William McKinley Volume 1
Magnetic Induction in Iron and Other Metals
Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli Volume 1
Studies in Puncture-Fluids A Contribution to Clinical Pathology
Chemical Basis of Pharmacology An Introduction to Pharmacodynamics Based on the Study of the Carbon Compounds
Outlines of Creation
On the Heights Volume 2
John Quincy Adams
Selected Articles on Social Insurance
Down Dartmoor Way
Ireland in the New Century By the Right Hon Sir Horace Plunkett
A General System of Chemical Knowledge and Its Application to the Phenomena of Nature and Art Tr by W Nicholson
Fifty Years of My Life in the World of Sport at Home and Abroad By Sir John Dugdale Astley in Two Volumes Volume 2
Select Letters of Christopher Columbus With Other Original Documents Relating to His Four Voyages to the New World
The Epicurean A Tale with Vignette Illustrations
Report of the Government Entomologist
Turkish Life and Character Volume 2
The Game Fish of the Northern States and British Provinces With an Account of the Salmon and Sea-Trout Fishing of Canada and New Brunswick Together with Simple Directions for Tying Artificial Flies Etc Etc
Good for Nothing Or All Down Hill
My Fifty Years in the Navy
Free Russia Volume 2
The Works of Mr Thomas Otway Friendship in Fashion the Soldiers Fortune the Atheist Or the Second Part of the Soldiers Fortune
Letters of General C G Gordon to His Sister M A Gordon
Engineering Mathematics A Series of Lectures Delivered at Union College
Proposed Changes in Naturalization Laws Hearings Before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization House of Representatives Sixty-Sixth Congress First Session
Satans Invisible World Displayed Or Despairing Democracy
A Book of American Explorers
Weighed in the Balance
The Union Assessment Acts 1862 to 1880 and the Rating Act 1874 With Introduction Notes Circulars of the Poor Law Board and Local Government Board Digest of Decided Cases and Index
Telegraphy by WH Preece and J Sivewright
Medical Electricity A Practical Treatise on the Applications of Electricity to Medicine and Surgery
The Reign of Henry VII from Contemporary Sources
The Life and Growth of Language An Outline of Linguistic Science
The Chinese as They Are Their Moral Social and Literary Character a New Analysis of the Language With Succinct Views of Their Principal Arts and Sciences
Sidney Lanier
An Exposition of the Second Epistle to the Corinthians
The Early Days of Thomas Whittemore An Autobiography Extending from AD 1800 to AD 1825
The Works of the Rev Jonathan Swift The British Classics
The Right to the Whole Produce of Labour The Origin and Development of the Theory of Labours Claim to the Whole Product of Industry
The Daughter of a Star
Philistia Volume 3
The Green Diamond
Stonyhurst Memories Or Six Years at School
Outlines of History From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
Baratariana A Select Collection of Fugitive Political Pieces Published During the Administration of Lord Townshend in Ireland
The New English Theatre Containing the Most Valuable Plays Which Have Been Acted on the London Stage Volume 5
Evenings with Grandpa Part 1
Sport in the Crimea and Caucasus
Telephone Lines and Methods of Constructing Them Overhead and Underground
The Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn Volume 1
The Plain Guide to Universalism Designed to Lead Inquirers to the Belief of That Doctrine and Believers to the Practice of It
Explanations and Sailing Directions to Accompany the Wind and Current Charts
Eloisa Or a Series of Original Letters Volume 2
In the Stranger Peoples Country
The Rat-Pit
Father Oswald A Genuine Catholic Story
The Essence of Algernon Sidneys Work on Government To Which Is Annexed His Essay on Love
Thomas Carlyles Collected Works
The Carpenters Assistant Containing a Succinct Account of Egyptian Grecian and Roman Architecture Also a Description of the Tuscan Doric Ionic Corinthian and Composite Orders Together with Specifications Practical Rules and Tables for Carpenter
Organic Remains of a Former World An Examination of the Mineralized Remains of the Vegetables and Animals of the Antediluvian World Generally Termed Extraneous Fossils Volume 2
Curiosities of Glasgow Citizenship As Exhibited Chiefly in the Business Career of Its Old Commercial Aristocracy
White Jacket Or the World in a Man-Of-War
The Amaranth Or Token of Remembrance A Christmas and New Years Gift for
Modern Shop Practice A General Reference Work Volume 4
Narrative of Don Juan Van Halens Imprisonment in the Dungeons of the Inquisition at Madrid And His Escape in 1817 and 1818 To Which Are Added His Journey to Russia His Campaign with the Army of the Caucasus and His Return to Spain in 1821
The Analogy of the Faith Discourses
The Standard Bearer
The Economics of Distribution
The Birds of Essex County Massachusetts
Porfirio Diaz President of Mexico the Master Builder of a Great Commonwealth
The Hundredth Acre
Playing with Fire
New Ideals in Business an Account of Their Practice and Their Effects Upon Men and Profits
American Finance Part First--Domestic Part 1
Tates Modern Cambist A Manual of Foreign Exchanges and Bullion with the Monetary Systems of the World and Foreign Weights and Measures
Text Book of Milk Hygiene
The Adventures of Harry Richmond
History of the Reformation in Scotland With an Introductory Book and an Appendix
Public Improvements for the Metropolitan District Report of the Commission on Metropolitan Improvements Appointed Under Resolves of 1907 Chapter 108 to Consider the Subject
The Devotional Harmonist A Collection of Sacred Music Comprising a Large Variety of New and Original Tunes Sentences Anthems Etc in Addition to Many of the Most Popular Tunes in Common Use to Which Is Prefixed a Progressive System of Elementary
The Great Events of History from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the 19th Century
The Striking Hours
Stand Fast Craig-Royston!
The Lives of the Fathers Martyrs and Other Principal Saints Volume 4
Standard Arithmetic Embracing a Complete Course for Schools and Academies
St Petersburg and London in the Years 1852-1864 Reminiscences of Count Charles Frederick Vitzthum Von Eckstaedt Volume 2
Rival French Courts The Experiences of a Lady-In-Waiting at Sceaux at Versailles and in the Bastille
The Life of Rev Orange Scott Compiled from His Personal Narrative Correspondence and Other Authentic Sources of Information in Two Parts Volumes 1-2
Spirit Teachings Publ by MA Oxon
The Large and Small Game of Bengal and the North-Western Provinces of India
The Bay-Path
History of Rome and of the Roman People From Its Origin to the Invasion of the Barbarians Volume 5
A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature Etchings Volume 1 Part 1
The Romance of Modern Electricity Describing in Non-Technical Language What Is Known about Electricity and Many of Its Interesting Applications
On Heroes Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History
The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle
A History of New-York From the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty Containing Among Many Surprising and Curious Matters the Unutterable Ponderings of Walter the Doubter the Disastrous Projects of William the Testy and the Chivalr
Money and Bimetallism A Study of the Uses and Operations of Money and Credit
The Glory and Shame of England Volume 1
Farm Life Readers Book 4
Annual Report - Comptroller of the Currency
The Splendid Porsenna
Niels Klims Underjordiske Reise
The Goldsmiths Wife A Tale
Index Geographicus Indicus Being a List Alphabetically Arranged of the Principal Places in Her Majestys Indian Empire with Notes and Statements Statistical Political and Descriptive of the Several Provinces and Administrations of the Empire the N
An Account of the Life and Character of Alexander Adam LLD Rector of the High School of Edinburgh
Mr Grex of Monte Carlo
The Well-Beloved A Sketch of a Temperament
Life in Bombay and the Neighbouring Out-Stations
The Old Welsh Evangelist and Other Poems
Revision of the Palaeocrinoidea
Register of the Freemen of the City of York From the City Records 1272-1759 Volume 96
History of the German Struggle for Liberty Volume 2
Malaboch Or Notes from My Diary on the Boer Campaign of 1894 Against the Chief Malaboch of Blaauwberg District Zoutpansberg South African Republic To Which Is Appended a Synopsis of the Johannesburg Crisis of 1896
A Practical Treatise on the otto Cycle Gas Engine
Sheilah McLeod A Heroine of the Back Blocks
Wordsworthiana A Selection from Papers Read to the Wordsworth Society
Love and Life
Reminiscences of Worcester from the Earliest Period Historical and Genealogical With Notices of Early Settlers and Prominent Citizens and Descriptions of Old Landmarks and Ancient Dwellings
Handbook of Diseases of the Ear For the Use of Students and Practitioners
Essais Sur Les Moeurs Et LEsprit Des Nations Volume 1
Natural History of New York
Your Uncle Lew a Natural-Born American
The Roll-Call
The Head of the Family by the Author of olive
The Last Egyptian A Romance of the Nile
Young Families Housing Act of 1977 Hearing Before the Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs United States Senate Ninety-Fifth Congress First Session on S 664 S 1078 March 31 and April 1 1977
Retrospect and Prospect Studies in International Relations Naval and Political
The Bottom of the Sea
The Justices Case Law Being a Concise Abridgment of All the Cases of Crown Law Relating to Justices of Peace and Their Business and Proceedings with References to the Books of Reports and Other Law Treatises on the Subject
The Life of Mahomet Founder of the Religion of Islam and of the Empire of the Saracens With Notices of the History of Islamism and of Arabia
Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte the Court of the First Empire Volume 3
The Wonders of Nature and Art Or a Concise Account of Whatever Is Most Curious and Remarkable in the World Whether Relating to Its Animal Vegetable and Mineral Productions or to the Manufactures Buildings and Inventions of Its Inhabitants Compiled
Miscellaneous and Fugitive Pieces
The Epic of Paradise Lost Twelve Essays
The Cavalier and His Lady Selected from the Works of the First Duke and Duchess of Newcastle
History of Education in Texas
The Life of Reason Reason in Science
American Ideals
Cuba and Her People of To-Day
The Mozarabic Psalter (ms British Museum Add 30 851)
The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray Volume 22
Annual Convention - Central Conference of American Rabbis Volume 29
The Reasoner Volume 6
The Works of John Bramhall [ed by J Vesey] 5 Vols (Libr of Anglo-Cath Theol)
Free Russia
Education of Business Men
Sewage Disposal Works A Guide to the Construction of Works for the Prevention of the Pollution by Sewage of Rivers and Estuaries
The Antedeluvian History and Narrative of the Flood As Set Foth in the Early Portions of the Book of Genesis
The Arts and Crafts of Older Spain Volume 2
The Art of Beauty Or the Best Methods of Improving and Preserving the Shape Carriage and Complexion
The Social Spirit in America
The Telephone of Labor
The Next Generation
English 18th Century Dances Volume 1
Hegels Aesthetics A Critical Exposition
The Poetical Works of David Macbeth Moir
Essays of Travel and in the Art of Writing
The Triumph of the Egg A Book of Impressions from American Life in Tales and Poems
Quarterly Journal Volume 6
Gold Out of Celebes
The Book of Corn A Complete Treatise Upon the Culture Marketing and Uses of Maize in America and Elsewhere for Farmers Dealers Manufacturers and Others--A Comprehensive Manual Upon the Production Sale Use and Commerce of the Worlds Greatest Crop
Lights and Shadows of London Life Volume 1
The Myrtle Wreath Or Stray Leaves Recalled
Military Geology and Topography A Presentation of Certain Phases of Geology Geography and Topography for Military Purposes
Rambles in Old Boston New England
A History of the Custom-Revenue in England to 1827
The Diary of Philip Hone 1828-1851 Volume 1
Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity Before the Lowell Institute January 1844
The British and American Drama of To-Day Outlines for Their Study Suggestions Questions Biographies and Bibliographies for Use in Connection with the Study of the More Important Plays
Many Inventions
A Flash of Gold
The Writings of Mark Twain The Prince and the Pauper
The Stewardship of Life or Studies on the Parable of the Talents
Mixed Essays
Telephonic Transmission Theoretical and Applied
Israel Among the Nations A Study of the Jews and Antisemitism
The Story of Charing Cross and Its Immediate Neighbourhood
Helen Grant at Aldred House
Haiti En 1886
Seren Gomer Neu Gyfrwyn Gwybodaeth Cyffredinol Ir Cymry
The Prado A Description of the Principal Pictures in the Madrid Gallery
Their Silver Wedding Journey Volume 1
German Romance Specimens of Its Chief Authors Volumes 1-2
No Longer a Child
Light from the Lowly Or Lives of Persons Who Sanctified Themselves in Humble Positions Tr [and Ed] by W McDonald
Down in Water Street A Story of Sixteen Years Life and Work in Water Street Mission A Sequel to the Life of Jerry McAuley
An Introduction to the Study of Robert Brownings Poetry
This My Son (Les Noellets)
Scottish Gardens Being a Representative Selection of Different Types Old and New
Immortal Hymns and Their Story
Biennial Report of the Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics State of Wisconsin
Samuel Carpenter and His Descendants
The Caledonian Musical Repository A Choice Selection of Esteemed Scottish Songs Adapted for the Voice Violin and German Flute
Descartes His Life and Times
Italian Sculptors
International Library of Technology A Series of Textbooks for Persons Engaged in the Engineering Professions and Trades Volume 70
Political Decision Making in Ecuador The Influence of Business Groups
Life and Labour of the People in London
The Holyoke Diaries 1709-1856 REV Edward Holyoke Marblehead and Cambridge 1709-1768 Edward Augustus Holyoke MD Cambridge 1742-1747 John Holyoke Cambridge 1748 Mrs Mary (Vial) Holyoke Salem 1760-1800 Margaret Holyoke Salem 1801-1823 M
Breeding of Farm Animals
Charles Stewart Parnell His Love Story and Political Life V 2
History of the Waldenses of Italy from Their Origin to the Reformation
Elements of Chemistry Including the Recent Discoveries and Doctrines of the Science
Hope Hathaway A Story of Western Ranch Life
Leaf and Tendril
Journal of a Tour in Italy in 1850 with an Account of an Interview with the Pope at the Vatican
Asphodel a Novel 2
A Womans Journey Round the World From Vienna to Brazil Chili Tahiti China Hindostan Persia and Asia Minor
Bank Fees Associated with Maintaining Depository Checking and Credit Card Accounts Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Consumer Credit and Insurance of the Committee on Banking Finance and Urban Affairs House of Representatives One Hundred Third Co
A Check List of the Vascular Plants of Nicaragua Based Largely on Collections in Nicaragua Made by the Author and Companions 1968-1976
What I Saw in Russia
Quentin Durward
Industrial Insurance in the United States
A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry Volume 1
Documentary Annals of the Reformed Church of England Being a Collection of Injunctions Declarations Ordens Articles of Inquiry c from the Year 1546 to the Year 1716
The Journey of William of Rubruck to the Eastern Parts of the World 1253-55
The Register of St Augustines Abbey Canterbury Commonly Called the Black Book 3
The Federalist Era 1979-1801
Rural Wealth and Welfare
The Outline of Literature 1
The Evolution of Photography With a Chronological Record of Discoveries Inventions Etc Contributions to Photographic Literature and Personal Reminiscences Extending Over Forty Years
The Bernards of Abington and Nether Winchendon A Family History 1
Our Oil Resources
Adventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River 1810-1813
Tales from the Arabic of the Breslau and Calcutta Volume 2
Kodakery a Magazine for Amateur Photographers
Memoir of Mrs Sarah Lanman Smith
The Registers of Moulton Northamptonshire Volume 47
Letters from Italy Between the Years 1792 and 1798 Containing a View of the Revolutions in That Country from the Capture of Nice by the French Republic to the Expulsion of Pius VI from the Ecclesiastical State
An Introduction to the Theory of Multiply Periodic Functions
Heritage of the Desert
The Republican Tradition in Europe
The Masquerader
Unfired Food and Thropho-Therapy (Food Cure)
Notes Theological Political and Miscellaneous
General History of Seward County Nebraska
George and Phoebe Apperson Hearst Papers 1849-1926
Progress in Metal Physics I
Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Ecclesiastical Punishments
An Introduction to the Making of Latin
The Complete Works of Gustave Flaubert Embracing Romances Travels Comedies Sketches and Correspondence Volume 9
Sufism Its Saints and Shrines
The Excursion A Poem
Historical Account of the Most Celebrated Voyages Travels and Discoveries from the Time of Columbus to the Present Period
German Scenery from Drawings Made in 1820 [with Descriptions in English and French]
The Antiquary VolII
My Lord What a Morning an Autobiography
The Works of Thomas de Quincey Protestantism and Other Essays
England and the Orient Or Scenes Incidents and Work During an Evangelistic Tour Round the World for the Promotion of Christian Holiness
The Natural History of Selborne
The Physical Geography of the Sea
Gordon Craig and the Theatre A Record and an Interpretation
The Waverley Novels Count Robert of Paris Castle Dangerous My Aunt Margarets Mirror the Tapestried Chamber Death of the Lairds Jock
A Legacy Being the Life and Remains of John Martin School Master and Poet Volume 2
Practical Treatise on Milling and Milling Machines
The Dramatick Works of William Shakespeare Henry VI Part 1-3 Richard III
An Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the Bengal Native Infantry From Its First Formation in 1757 to 1796 When the Present Regulations Took Place Together with a Detail of the Services on Which the Several Battalions Have Been Employed
Minerals and Metals a Reference-Book Useful Data and Tables of Information on Legal Customary and Scientific Measurements
Our Press Gang
Story-Telling in School and Home A Study in Educational Aesthetics
Newtons London Journal of Arts and Sciences Being Record of the Progress of Invention as Applied to the Arts
Grammatica Linguae Persicae Cum Dialectis Antiquioribus Persicis Et Lingua Compratae
Studies in Italian Literature Classical and Modern Also the Legend of Il Cenacolo a Poem
Reports of the Harbour Commissioners for Montreal Quebec Three Rivers Toronto North Sydney Pictou and Belleville Report of Pilotage Authorities Reports of Port Wardens Shipping-Masters and of Wrecks and Casualties
The Wizards Knot
Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Issue 86
Notable Women of the Reformation
The Industries of New South Wales
The Andes and the Amazon Or Across the Continent of South America
Report of the Auditor of Public Accounts
Four Doctrines of the New Jerusalem I Concerning the Lord II Concerning the Sacred Scripture III Concerning a Life According to the Precepts of the Decalogue IV Concerning Faith from the Latin of Emanuel Swedenborg
Robin Gray
One Reason Why
The Natal Campaign
The Philippine Islands
The Induction Motor and Other Alternating Current Motors Their Theory and Principles of Design
The Novels and Tales of Henry James Volume 19
Sociology The Science of Human Society Volume 1
Towers and Tanks for Water-Works The Theory and Practice of Their Design and Construction
The Inheritance Volume 1
The Spring-Time of Life Or Advice to Youth
The Baltic Its Gates Shores and Cities
The Climber
Methods and Players of Modern Lawn Tennis
Economical Cookery
Textbook of Psychiatry
Living or Dead A Series of Home Truths
Household Manufactures in the United States 1640-1860
Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century 1605-1650 Volume I
The Homilist Volume 9
Pumps and Hydraulics Volume 2
A Text-Book of Geology Designed for Schools and Academies
Broome Street Straws
Butterflies and Moths (British)
An Old Zand-Pahlavi Glossary Ed
The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night Volume 5
The Captain of the Mary Rose A Tale of To-Morrow
Laneton Parsonage Volume 3
The Foundations of Religious Belief The Methods of Natural Theology Vindicated Against Modern Objections
Nell Gwynne of Old Drury Our Lady of Laughter A Romance of King Charles II and His Court
Manomin A Rhythmical Romance of Minnesota the Great Rebellion and the Minnesota Massacres
Correspondence of Mr Ralph Izard of South Carolina From the Year 1774 to 1804 With a Short Memoir Volume 1
British Campaigns in Flanders 1690-1794 Being Extracts from a History of the British Army
The Business of Home Management (the Principles of Domestic Engineering)
A Mothers Trials
Dead Fingers
George Miller Sternberg A Biography
The Black Bearded Barbarian The Life of George Leslie MacKay of Formosa
Silver in Europe
A Complete Concordance to the Comedies and Fragments of Aristophanes
Cathedrals and Cloisters of the South of France Volume 2
The Close of S Andrews Or Cathedral Lights and Shadows A Tale of Modern English Life in a Cathedral City
Vacation Days in Greece
Chronicles of Dartmoor Chronicles of Dartmoor Volume 1
One Hundred Original Tales for Children A Class Book to Teach the Art of Reading
The Pulpit Or a Biographical and Literary Account of Eminent Popular Preachers Interspersed with Occasional Clerical Criticism by Onesimus The Pulpit Or a Biographical and Literary Account of Eminent Popular Preachers Interspersed with Occasional Clerical Criticism by Onesimus
The Plays of Euripides Volume 1
The Entomologists Monthly Magazine Volume 32
Constructive Rhetoric
Tales of the West
Paleys Natural Theology Volume 1
Moral Instruction and Training in Schools Report of an International Inquiry Volume 2 of Moral Instruction and Training in Schools Report of an International Inquiry
Annual Report Issue 22
Meningococcus Meningitis
The Outlines of Anatomy Physiology and Hygiene Being an Edition of the Essentials of Anatomy Physiology and Hygiene Rev to Conform to the Legislation Making the Effects of Alcohol and Other Narcotics Upon the Human System a Mandatory Study in Publi Issue 3 of Authorized Physiology Series
Napoleon His Army and His Generals Their Unexamples Military Career
Summarized Proceedings and a Directory of Members Volume 18 of Summarized Proceedings and a Directory of Members
Old Yorkshire
Wood Craft A Journal of Woodworking with Which Is Incorporated the Patternmaker Volume 12
The International Library of Masterpieces Literature Art and Rare Manuscripts
Attische Genealogie
A View of the Present State of the Scilly Islands
The Life of the Rev John Wesley AM Sometime Fellow of Lincoln College Oxford and Founder of the Methodist Societies
A Family Motor Tour Through Europe
The Tradition of the Syriac Church of Antioch Concerning the Primacy and the Prerogatives of St Peter and of His Successors the Roman Pontiffs by Cyril Behnam Benni Tr by J Gagliardi
Rabbi and Priest A Story
John L Stoddards Lectures Canada Malta Gibraltar
The New Merchant Marine
The New Forest A Novel Volume 2
A Book-Lovers Holidays in the Open
Fair But Not Wise
The Works of Horace
The Standard Family Physician A Practical International Encyclopedia of Medicine and Hygiene Especially Prepared for the Household Volume 2
The Cell in Development and Inheritance
A Rebel War Clerks Diary at the Confederate States Capital
Selected Articles on the Negro Problem
The Elements of Sociology A Text-Book for Colleges and Schools
Orville College
Daisy Nichol
The Code of Victor Jallot A Romance of Old New Orleans
The Admirable Lady Biddy Fane Her Surprising Curious Adventures in Strange Parts Happy Deliverance from Pirates Battle Captivity Other Terrors Together with Divers Romantic Moving Accidents as Set Forth by Benet Pengilly (Her Companion in Misfo
Insurance and Crime A Consideration of the Effects Upon Society of the Abuses of Insurance Together with Certain Historical Instances of Such Abuses
The Life and Times of Charles James Fox Volume 3
A Book of Elizabethan Lyrics
A Journal of Travels in England Holland and Scotland And of Two Passages Over the Atlantic in the Years 1805 and 1806 Volume 2
A Practical Treatise on the Use of the Blowpipe in Chemical and Mineral Analysis Including a Systematic Arrangement of Simple Minerals Adapted to Aid the Student in His Progress in Mineralogy by Facilitating the Discovery of the Names of Species
Peru Reiseskizzen Aus Den Jahren 1838-1842 Volume 2
The First Violin
Occasional Papers on the Theory of Glaciers Now First Collected and Chronologically Arranged with a Prefatory Note on the Recent Progress and Present Aspect of the Theory
Italy Remarks Made in Several Visits from the Year 1816 to 1854 Volume 1
Six Essays on the Best Mode of Establishing and Conducting Industrial Schools Adapted to the Wants and Circumstances of an Agricutural Population Written for a Prize of One Hundred Pounds
Wanderings in China Volume 1
Lares and Penates Or the Background of Life
The Mechanics of Law-Making
Travels in Turkey Egypt Nubia and Palestine in 1824 1825 1826 and 1827 Volume 1
A Forty Years Fight with the Drink Demon or a History of the Temperance Reform as I Have Seen It and of My Labor in Connection Therewith
Descriptive and Explanatory Notes on the Morning and Evening Services of the Book of Common Prayer
The Works of Walter Pater Volume 4
Church and State Or Mexican Politics from Cortez to Diaz
A Documentary History of American Industrial Society Volume 1
Adrienne Toner
The Works of Tobias Smollett Sir Launcelot Greaves
Reminiscences of Georgia Baptists
History of the Early Church from the First Preaching of the Gospel to the Council of Nicea For the Use of Young Persons
Mathematical Principles of Theology Or the Existence of God Geometrically Demonstrated
Bulletin - Mining and Metallurgical Society of America Issues 116-127
Living Thoughts in Words That Burn From Poet Sage and Humorist A Vast Collection of Choice Literature of All Ages Gathered from the Worlds Greatest Libraries
Memorials of the Life and Works of Thomas Fuller DD
Life and Letters of Joseph Hardy Neesima
Educational Sociology
Cyropaedia Volume 1
The History of Civilization from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution Volume 4
Le Comte de Comminge Ou Les Amans Malheureux Drame
Bullarium Pontificium Sacrae Congregationis de Propaganda Fide 5 Tom [And] Appendix 2 Tom
Woolen and Worsted Fabrics Glossary Containing Instructions for the Manufacture of Every Known Grade and Variety of Woolen and Worsted Fabrics
History of the Study of Theology Volume 1
The History of Brazil from the Period of the Arrival of the Braganza Family in 1808 to the Abdication of Don Pedro the First in 1831 Volume 1
The Black Monk And Other Stories
A Narrative of the Life and Medical Discoveries of Samuel Thomson
The Tonsils and the Voice in Science Surgery Speech and Song A Comprehensive Monograph on the Structure Utility Derangements and Treatment of the Tonsils and of Their Relationship to Perfect Tone Production a Research Study with Original
The Lure of the City A Book for Young Men
Inez A Tale of the Alamo
Prayers for the Use of Families
The Evangelical Witness and Presbyterian Review Volume 2
The Field Engineer A Handy Book of Practice in the Survey Location and Track-Work of Railroads
Landscape Painting and Modern Dutch Artists
The Melbourne Review Volume 6
The Ellis Correspondance
History of Art Volume 3
Review of Foxs Book of Martyrs Volume 2
Three Dissertations On the Pernicious Effects of Gaming on Duelling and on Suicide
History and Antiquities of the Jews in England
A Letter of Pedro de Alvarado Relating to His Expedition to Ecuador Volume 5 Issues 1-4
Bibliotheca Sacra Post CL CL VV Jacobi Le Long Et CF Boerneri Iteratas Cvras Ordine Disposita Emendata Svppleta Continvata AB Andrea Gottlieb Masch Volume 3
Morning Prayers for Home Worship
A Complete History of Fairfield County Ohio
The Albert NYanza Great Basin of the Nile and Explorations of the Nile Sources Volume 1
Beschreibung Der Gattung Und Arten Der Heiden
Recollections of an Actor
Charles XII of Sweden
Visions and Tasks and Other Sermons Fourth Series
Journal of the Proceedings of the Bishops the Clergy and the Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America
A Strange Career Life and Adventures of John Gladwyn Jebb
A Writer of Books
Life by the Ganges Or Faith and Victory
Frederic Ozanam Professor at the Sorbonne His Life and Works
de Viribus Mentis Humanae Disquisitio Philosophica Anti-Huetiana
A Gazetteer of the State of New-York
A Hundred Thousand Dollars in Gold How to Make It
The Story of a City Arab by the Author of the Story of a Pocket Bible
Manual for Noncommissioned Officers and Privates of Infantry of the Army of the United States 1917 Corrected to December 31 1917 (Changes No 1)
Cowboy Life on the Western Plains The Reminiscences of a Ranchman
Mount Vesuvius A Descriptive Historical and Geological Account of the Volcano and Its Surroundings
Homilies of S John Chrysostom Archbishop of Constantinople on the Gospel of St Matthew Volume 1
Elephants Arrive at Half-Past Five
On the Apostolical and Infallibile Authority of the Pope When Teaching the Faithful and on His Relation to a General Council
Inquiry Into the Rise and Growth of the Royal Prerogative in England
Formaldehyde and Other Aldehydes
London in the Jacobite Times Volume 1
The Bicycling World Archery Field Volume Nov 1880-Apr 1881 Volume 2
Eli and Sybil Jones Their Life and Work
Hannibal A History of the Art of War Among the Carthaginians and Romans Down to the Battle of Pydna Volume 1
Campbellism Exposed in an Examination of Lards Review of Jeter
Proceedings of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association Volume 4
Life of Pauline Cushman The Celebrated Union Spy and Scout Comprising Her Early History
The Post Office Greenock Directory Volume 1855-1856
Manuale Administrantium Sacramenta Aliaque Munia Pastoralia Obeuntium in Dioecesi Frisingensi Extractum Potissimum E Rituali Dioecesano Pro Commodiore Usu Quotidiano
Calulus for the Practical Man
A Girl of Virginia
Memoirs of Doctor Burney Arranged from His Own Manuscripts from Family Papers and from Personal Recollections Volume 3
Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy Between 1793 and 1849 Compiled from Official Documents in the Admiralty with a Preface by WS Gilly
Memorial Volume of Denison University 1831-1906 Part I the Development of the College Part II Seventh General Catalogue
The Phase Rule and Its Applications
Fallen Among Thieves a Novel
Christianity and the Nations
The Rose and Key
The Miracle Man
Arthur Bonnicastle An American Novel
Reporting Reminiscences Volume 3
Wild Life in East Anglia
Poems and Fugitive Pieces
Bill Arp Front the Uncivil War to Date 1861-1903
George Eliot A Critical Study of Her Life Writings and Philosophy
Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church With Music
My Strange Life The Intimate Life Story of a Moving Picture Actress
The Islands of the Aegean
A Young Mans Perils and Bible Difficulties Containing a Young Mans Safeguard in the Perils of the Age by W Guest and a Young Mans Difficulties with His Bible by DW Faunce
The Operation of the New Bank ACT
In the Footsteps of Richard Coeur de Lion
Manners and Customs of the Principal Nations of the Globe
Hawaii and Its Volcanoes
The Correspondence of Samuel Richardson Author of Pamela Clarissa and Sir Charles Grandison Selected from the Original Manuscripts Bequeathed by Him to His Family to Which Are Prefixed a Biographical Account of That Author and Observations on His
The Pirate and the Three Cutters
In Exitu Israel
Life of George R Smith Founder of Sedalia Mo In Its Relation to the Political Economic and Social Life of Southwestern Missouri Before and During the Civil War
General View of the Agriculture of the County of Northampton
Kensington Picturesque Historical
Lord Lyttons Miscellaneous Works Volume 7
Crieff Its Traditions and Characters
The Doctrines and Practices of the Church of Rome Truly Represented In Answer to a Book [by J Gother] Entitled a Papist Misrepresented and Represented
Old Cape Colony A Chronicle of Her Men and Houses from 1652-1806
The Book of Proverbs In an Amended Version With an Introduction and Explanatory Notes
Tappys Chicks And Other Links Between Nature and Human Nature
Aircraft Mechanics Handbook
Rocks and Soils Their Origin Composition and Characteristics Chemical Geological and Agricultural
The Technic of Operations Upon the Intestines and Stomach
Heroines of Modern Progress
Sacred and Legendary Art Volume 1
Report of the Poor Law Commissioners to the Most Noble the Marquis of Normanby Her Majestys Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department on the Continuance of the Poor Law Commission and on Some Further Amendments of the Laws Relating to the R
Jack Sheppard A Romance Volume 2
Christianity and International Peace Six Lectures at Grinnell College Grinnell Iowa in February 1915 on the George A Gates Memorial Foundation
The Works of the Honourable Sir Charles Sedley Bart In Prose and Verse
The Signs of the Times as Denoted by Fulfilment of Historical Predictions
Ireland in 1834 A Journey Throughout Ireland During the Spring Summer and Autumn of 1834 Volume 2
Traditions Superstitions and Folk-Lore Chiefly Lancashire and the North of England Their Affinity to Others in Widely-Distributed Localities Their Eastern Origin and Mythical Significance
Washed by Four Seas an English Officers Travels in the Near East

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